• Looking for a hit of Sulphur?

    With 10.8% sulphur in its analysis, Cal-Gran has that extra sulphur hit to make sure your crops reach their full potential.

  • Efficient use of nitrogen in cane

    When it comes to nutrition to maximise cane production, the efficient and timely application of nitrogen is an important consideration.

  • Maximising fodder production

    Limited feed and fodder supplies are prompting dairy farmers and hay producers to make every effort to maximise pasture growth.

  • Zero Harm for Everyone, Everywhere

    Incitec Pivot Fertilisers has created safety guidelines to help ensure correct procedures are used when handling our products.

  • Custom Blending

    Blended fertilisers are a popular type of fertiliser being used in production as they meet all the crops nutritional requirements in a one-pass application. Incitec Pivot offers more than 900 standard blends, with a further 3,600 custom blends generated after requests from accredited advisers or from Incitec Pivot distributors. This range of blends allows for almost any crop nutritional requirement to be met.

  • Are you Fertcare accredited?

    Fertcare is a training, quality assurance, certification and accreditation program delivered by independent third parties on behalf of the Australian fertiliser industry. The various parts of the program are brought together by a licensing system. The program scope includes environment, food safety and occupational health and safety issues associated with fertiliser and soil ameliorant products throughout the supply chain. The industry’s objectives are to manage risk and liability and to maintain an effective position in public policy development in these areas.

  • Six easy steps for sugar cane

    The ‘SIX EASY STEPS’ strategy is the current best practice guide to nutrient management and is based on sustainable and profitable production rather than just high yields. With growers squeezed between producing profitable sugarcane crops and the need to demonstrate environmentally responsible farming, it is vital to ensure appropriate and sustainable nitrogen fertiliser inputs to sugar cane. A recent paper by Dr Bernard Schroeder (BSES Limited) and others provides a clear comparison between the effectiveness of four different nitrogen management strategies available to Australian sugar cane growers.

  • Feeling Tinny?

    For every tonne of Cal-Am or Cal-Gran fertiliser blend you purchase from participating dealers between 01/08/2013 & 29/11/2013, you’ll get one chance to win a Clark 427 Pursuit fishing boat with 30hp Mercury engine and Dunbier trailer. Only your participating dealer can enter you into the competition, so make sure you ask them to submit your entries. Click for more information and for full terms and conditions.

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